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Two Years until Star Wars Episode VII! The Sequel Trilogy Begins Soon!

729 days. Two years. Two years until we get more Star Wars. That’s something I never thought I’d write. It feels so far away, yet so close. The excitement is there, like it was before each of prequel films and that will continue to grow more intense as we near release date. We’re still in that special era where no one really truly knows what we’re going to get, so everyone is excited. No one can be disappointed because we don’t know a thing about Star Wars Episode VII and right now the movie just resides out there, abstractly, as an eventuality, with a lot of hope and promise.

I can thankfully say a Star Wars film has never let me down. As someone not looking to relive the previous episodes, I appreciated the fresh direction each episode took. Each film gave me something unique. I can watch any of those films at any time and be content with them. There’s no substitute for them. All six films have their own mood and color palette which might make it more favorable on any given day. I look forward to three more additions to that selection that will enable me to watch Star Wars more often, with more choices.

As long as Star Wars is not remaking itself and continues to tell unique stories with a fresh new look, I will be pleased. A fresh contribution to the Star Wars saga is something I will always welcome. I know J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm, and Bad Robot can pull this off! I’m deeply going to miss the creative dictatorship of George Lucas, the closest thing to a Walt Disney I ever had in my lifetime (I would argue he was even better really). But I look forward to seeing new Star Wars will look like under J.J. Abrams and a whole new set of filmmakers who will bring their take on the Star Wars universe to the big screen for us to enjoy.

It is kind of nice to think that in two years, we’ll get the best Christmas present cinema can give us, a new Star Wars film. I look forward to experiencing the trip towards the new release date with all of you guys and discussing things as they unfold. It should be a lot of fun!


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