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A Rumored Pixar animated Star Wars feature!

This is one of those rumors I just have zero faith in. I would absolutely love for it to be true though. Would a Pixar Star Wars movie actually happen with all that is on the plate right now? Between a new television series (Rebels), a Skywalker film (Episode VII), and two Spin-off films (Han and Boba?) it seems kind of unlikely to me. But then again, perhaps this will be the first spin-off? Maybe that rumored Yoda film will actually be a Pixar feature? Crazier things have happened! If there was ever any truth to the Yoda rumor, we can probably assume we won’t see it soon as Disney wants the spin-off content to amount in “Avengers” style meetups, something Yoda mostly can’t do with characters like Han Solo, Boba Fett, and so on.

Latino Review reports:

Once the canon-purge is over and Episode VII is in production, there will be a whole universe of Star Wars related content to play in. We’ve heard about TV shows,new comics tie-ins (Marvel, of course), spin-off movies for particular characters and now, a Pixar film.

But remember, it wasn’t that long ago that John Lasseter said:

That stays under the leadership of Lucasfilm.

Not really, other than Pixar has always used Skywalker Sound for all of our productions. They’re the best so we’ll always continue using them and we’re very good friends. And we always have been with [special effects house Industrial Light and Magic] as well. But other than being friends we have never needed to do anything with them.

Things change. Clearly we’re getting a sequel trilogy and that exemplifies how new ideas breath life into Star Wars unexpectedly. But less than a year ago, Lasseter was sure that was not even close to happening. But remember, Brad Bird, a Pixar director almost directed Star Wars Episode VII and he wrote the foreword to J.W. Rinzler’s Making of Return of the Jedi. Lucasfilm gave birth to Pixar and the culture isn’t exactly seperate overall. With all that in mind, it seems possible it could happen one day. But is it true that possibility is upon us now? I hope so, but I doubt it.


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