A Sincere Thank You to the Star Wars Fan Community!

Thank you, Star Wars fans! We truly have the best fan community in the world! I want to thank everyone that participated in the “Kessel Run: A Fan Fundraiser for Rancho Obi-Wan!” It was a great day full of fun and Star Wars discussion!

A special thank you to:

While I don’t have the finally tallies for how much we raised yet, we raised a couple hundred dollars during the first few hours! All of the donations went directly to Rancho Obi-Wan to help out with Rancho Obi-Wan and Operation Paperback. Rancho Obi-Wan isn’t just a place or a toy collection, but an experience, to use Steven Sansweet’s eloquent words. Rancho Obi-Wan is our Disneyland and hopefully we can help preserve it forever! Star Wars is forever and as long as there’s a Star Wars, we hope there’s a Rancho Obi-Wan!

I would like to give a special thank you to Steven Sansweet and Consetta Parker for allowing us to help out! We would also like to thank them for stopping by and learning how to use Google+ on the fly! I was honestly rather starstruck talking to Steve. At one point he casually mentioned that he wrote The Star Wars Encyclopedia which was just a passing moment to setup a greater point he was making. I was immediately brought back to me and Randy buying that at the mall as teenagers and flipping through it for months as we dreamed about what the prequels might be about… so yeah, to say it was an honor to speak with Mr. Sansweet is an understatement. We are so deeply grateful for the chance to sit down with Steve and talk Star Wars for a bit! None of it would have happened without Consetta’s help!

I would also like to give a special thank you to my Now, This is Podcasting! partners; Randy, Johnamarie, and Jeremy! You guys are the best! Randy put in more technical time on this than you can imagine. Sometimes at 2am he would text me telling me he thought he found a way to do x, y, or z. For that, I have the greatest appreciation! But all his great work without Johnamarie and Jeremy’s help would have been for naught (to use a pretentious but fitting word)!

Anyone who doesn’t think Mark Newbold is a badass is wrong! Not that anyone thought Mark wasn’t a badass, I’m just saying! He did the vast majority of the 8 hours with us, and by the time we finished it was well past 4 am for him. He compared himself to Wedge pulling out at the last minute. But remember, Wedge blew up the second Death Star. Next time, I say we start earlier in the day so Mr. Newbold can knock out the superstructure’s main reactor. It was a pleasure spending the day with Mark, joking around, having fun, and talking Star Wars together (also I thought his Clone Wars shorts joke was hilarious by the way).

It was so cool getting to hear about Dion’s Episode III set visit in person. That’s something I’ll always appreciate having heard (it isn’t very often you actually talk to someone who was on THE set of a Star Wars film). It was great hanging out with my pals Mike and Joao again (we’re doing it again in about a week!). Hearing Dunc and James bicker like Artoo and Threepio in person was a delight, to say the least. Finally talking Rebels with Andy in person is something I wish could happen everyday! Dan and Cory are a duo I hope to talk with more in the future, as our conversations quickly got rather deep and thoughtful and have inspired thoughts I’m still pondering! I particularly enjoyed speaking with Chris, who runs a podcast for kids and parents, but offered some of those most fantastic adult conversation we had the entire day! It was an honor to get to hang out with you guys over the eight hour “Kessel Run!”

There were times when the show didn’t run smoothly. Google+ kicked us off after a few ours because it just does that after four hours, apparently. We did many multi-hour tests but we never drove it to the limit like we did yesterday. So we had a reset during the show a few times. At one time, Rand and I lost the ability to speak, but the show still went on with the help of the Now, This Is Podcasting team (and the show must go on!) so thanks for that! We were all determined and we did it!

We had a lot of great fans sending us fun questions via Tumblr, Twitter, and email. So many questions that we didn’t get to cover them all in one day! It was awesome giving our take to your complex, fun, and sometimes hilarious questions. We needed you guys, otherwise we never could have come to the conclusion we wanted Star Wars spin-offs which used Ghost Dad (with young Anakin’s ghost and Luke Skywalker) or Sister Act 2 in Space (with Whoopi Goldberg voicing Sy Snootles) to name just a few!

Yesterday, we raised money for a great cause, we brought our community together, and most of all we had fun!

One last thing, if you didn’t have a chance yesterday you can still stop by http://www.ranchoobiwan.org/support/services/ and donate to help Rancho Obi-Wan and Operation Paperback (which gets Star Wars books to military families and people serving overseas). While the Kessel Run was a great event which gave cause to donate, you can always donate to Rancho Obi-Wan via the link in our sidebar at any time! So if right now, money is tight, when it isn’t in the future, make sure you donate a little something!

I have officially used all my exclamation marks for the year. Someone, I forget who, once said an exclamation mark is like laughing at your own joke. But yesterday was no joke and we had fun and did a lot of good, so I’m keeping them in. Thank you again, Star Wars fans!


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