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Dave Filoni Clarifies Star Wars Darth Maul Story “Sons of Dathomir!”

We have some good news today. Dave Filoni has clarified a little about the Maul story from a few days ago.

 I’d like to make clear that this storyline does not represent The Clone Wars series finale.

That is great solid news. We had heard as much from Pablo Hildalgo on Twitter. But it is nice to hear it from Filoni himself.

 I’ve seen some confusion about that online and want to set the record straight. There are additional Clone Wars episodes on the way and one arc in particular marks the series finale in my mind. We’ll have fun discussing that in the not too distant future.

I hope it won’t be coming via comic book if we can help it. My guess is he’s talking about the Yoda bonus content which is a really fitting end of the series from what we have heard. Speaking of, where is that bonus content?

The comics will be based on four finished scripts that were written for Season 6 . These scripts came out of one of our story conferences with George Lucas. As they moved through the production pipeline, they became finalized scripts with a great deal of the actual design work completed. The designs you will see, the plot lines, and character development in these comic books are all coming directly from the TV production. I turned over all of the art to Dark Horse so they could create an accurate representation of what we were planning for the show.

That is awesome news which means we won’t see to much wild interpretation but something nuanced with the look and fill of Dave Filoni’s television series. I am now officially onboard with this comic book.

Is it the final story for Darth Maul? You will have to read the comics to find out.

I hope not. On Twitter when the news broke everyone kept saying something to the equilvent of “better than nothing.” I totally disagree with the better than nothing take on Star Wars when we have the opposite of “nothing” coming our way in the next ten years with a lot of new films. I see this type of project as hindering a Darth Maul film.

The only silver lining in The Clone Wars being canceled and Darth Maul living on is the door it left wide open. Would I want a movie with Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan protecting Luke Skywalker from Maul who has tracked him down after all these years? A story where if Maul wins, Luke dies but if Maul escapes the information of Luke Skywalker could get back to the Emperor and Darth Vader? That’s just building on what we already have from the comics too. The last thing I want is Maul dead again at this point.


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