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It looks like Darth Vader might be in Star Wars Rebels

Jedi News shared this leaked list of Hasbro figures and role play toys for 2014. On the list is included a section called “Rebels Mask Asst” which included a reference to Darth Vader.

Rebels Mask Asst

  • Ezra Mask
  • Stormtrooper Mask
  • Darth Vader Mask

Darth Vader being included in this list could mean that he may make an appearance in Star Wars Rebels. It could also just mean that to save space, the Vader mask was included with the other masks even though they were from Rebels. The entire list of Hasbro products does include a lot from the other films including some Darth Vader lightsabers and a 12″ Vader hero figure.

We don’t know yet if this is definitive proof that Darth Vader could be featured in Star Wars Rebels, but don’t forget that we were informed by Jedi News back in October that we should expecting two Darth Vader TV specials. I would certainly welcome the inclusion of Darth Vader in Rebels, in moderation.


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