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More “Tomorrowland” is becoming “Star Wars Land” rumors for Disneyland!

I wouldn’t really call these rumors “fresh.” Micechat.com is sharing more Star Wars rumors today. As my “Now, This is Podcasting!” compatriot Jeremy Conrad has pointed out on the show before, a lot of the core of these rumors do not technically make sense (especially things like reusing the People Mover tracks which are not up to OSHA standards). That said, I’m not an expert on building standards in California. I’m also not an expert on Disneyland, even though my wife and I spent a few days there every day for the first few years of our relationship.

The gist of the rumors hitting today is that things are still on hold from back in Novemeber, 2013. However:

That first phase of the Star Wars makeover of Tomorrowland did mercifully get the green light from Burbank in December.

We can consider that to be good news if it is rooted in reality and accurate. Anything that gets Star Wars at Disneyland moving forward is great news. The gist is that small things come in phase 1 and huge things like rides hit in phase 2.

The problem is a lot of the older rumors this report is predicated on have been questionable at best. On the podcast, me and Jeremy laughed at the idea of a Falcon walk-through as we’ve heard it described. It is fairly absurd when you think about it. If it was the same as the Falcon in the films, you could maybe put 20 people in it at a time. Disneyland has a hard time selling coffee in a timely manner because of the population there. A 1:1 scale Falcon you can walk-through is either completely Gungan feces, or the worst idea of all time. Do I want it to exist? Of course! But I just don’t buy that one which kind of makes me not trust the rest of the reports.

While no exact date has been set for the project to begin, the current plan will see the complete reskin and remodel of the main Tomorrowland buildings flanking the entry walkway off the Central Plaza. The theme for the opening act of Tomorrowland will be a futuristic looking “space port”, that frames the existing attractions nicely while setting up the environment for all the new Star Wars experiences planned for the back half of the land whenever they finally get approved.

I buy this idea, even if the report is not accurate. Tomorrowland has seen its fair share of aesthetic crises in the last few years. The future of the 1970’s quickly looked dated. Then they moved to a Jules Verne look that was really looking backwards when you think about it. Today, Tomorrowland needs an aesthetic makeover and the Star Wars look is timeless, cool, and fits right in with Disney’s 4 billion dollar acquisition.

The Imagineers assigned to the Star Wars Tomorrowland project have now been debriefed on the characters and plotlines coming for Star Wars Episode VII that opens in theaters in about two years.

This kind of makes sense with the idea the first draft of the script was to be turned in just before Christmas. The idea is supposedly that while things are on hold for phase 2 of the Star Wars Tomorrowland, this is allow the Imagineers to pull from Star Wars Episode VII content and have things more up to date. That makes sense but I would have thought Episode VII making it into the park as it became available was kind of a given.

This posting came off a big more skeptical than I am. I believe all these things will happen in some way. Orange Harvest is a real project. So even if none of this is correct, it will be right eventually in some way.




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