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Phill Tippett Could Return to Star Wars with Episode VII!

Updated: May 5th, 2014:


A new video is out about Phill Tippett that has more implications on his return to Star Wars: Episode VII!

Who Created the Star Wars Creatures? – That Was Me by That-Was-Me

(video via Live for films thanks to @SiUttley for the heads up!)


Our pal Justin LaSalata from Jedi News points us towards a really cool interview quote from the THR:

THR: Will you also be working on the new Star Wars movie?

PHIL TIPPETT: I talked to [Luscasfilm president] Kathleen Kennedy about it, but first will be Jurassic World, then we’ll see where they’re at.

That is a really cool possibility right there. That’s a really exciting idea and I would love to see it happen.

Tippett brought the rancor to life in Star Wars: Episode VI.

Before the internet gets a chance to say the sequel trilogy will be better than the prequel trilogy because of choices like this, I think we should point out that we’re getting an amalgamation of the greats from both trilogies on this third trilogy. So that same reasoning, which is flawed in my opinion, should dictate that this new trilogy would be the best trilogy ever, by that reasoning. Of course, the new trilogy will be its own animal. It will have its own tone, colors, and feeling. But with greats like Lawrence Kasdan, Iain McCaig, Doug Chiang, Roger Guyett, John Williams, Ben Burtt, and so many more classic Star Wars contributors coming aboard, we’re in the best hands we can be in at this time.


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