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Star Wars Rebels Ezra Bridger is a renegade Imperial Cadet.

Our buds/homies/colleagues over at Jedi News have some interesting information about Star Wars Rebels today!

“On board the Ghost we will encounter:

– Kannan Jarrus

– Hera Syndulla – a Twilek whose family we have met before, and may well meet again.

– Zeb – the gunner, and trusty sidekick.

On board the Phantom we will encounter:

– Ezra Bridger – a renegade Imperial Cadet, who learns of their Force sensitivities through a highly sought Holocron – the very item The Inquisitor is commanded to retrieve by his Emperor. Bridger dresses in some customised Imperial gear.

So Ezra Bridger pilots The Phantom, was an Imperial Cadet that went rogue and is tuning into the Force via the holocron. In round about ways, I think we have speculated as much and a lot of friends had a lot of these details guessed correctly, if the report is dead on. I hope so because that’s a fun premise. It allows us to have a Luke Skywalker type of hero but he never actually becomes the “new hope” and doesn’t step on the toes of Luke Skywalker’s importance. However, he does give Luke someone to meet up with after Return of the Jedi, provided he survives.

The report hints that we may meet The Syndullas again. When we figured out Hera was probably related to the revolutionary from The Clone Wars,  I figured Cham had died by then or something. So that’s interesting to think we might see him again.

Most of this information we garnered from the Lego sets that keep leaking. I’m curious as to what is up with Kannan Jarrus nowMy Now, This is Podcasting! partner, Johnamarie suggested he might be a stormtrooper, which is why he comes with the Lego set for The Ghost. Sometimes they include a bad guy for play value. But the prospect is interesting. When you think about it, before they rebel, they are imperials as they are living and working within that political power structure. So there’s a chance we might see a stormtrooper change sides and fight for the rebels, which could be cool.

I also find it interesting that Ezra still wears his imperial gear, albeit customized. That probably isn’t unlike the rebels we saw on screen in the films. Parts of the X-Wing fighter pilot helmet aren’t entirely different from the TIE fighter pilot’s helmet. I always kind of imagined they were modified helmets of some kind. Just a thought.

On Twitter tonight, I expressed some gratification about the cast. Ezra Bridger is a black male. Hera is a female. There’s another female aboard The Ghost too. It pleases me to see a diverse cast of genders and races aboard the ship as the main cast of characters.

I can’t wait for more Star Wars Rebels news. The show is sounding cooler and cooler by the moment.


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