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Star Wars Rebels: Rebels Report, Zeb Orretios, and a few minor details!

This week I was on Rebels Report and we were talking about all the new characters on Star Wars Rebels. One of the things I asked was what about Zeb’s last name? Does he have one or is he a diva? It turns out he does in fact have a last name, Orretios. Zeb Orretios. We know this thanks to the Lego packaging from last week’s German Toy Fair. He’s purple, at least in these preliminary Lego figures. While these are totally subject to change, they usually inhabit the “spirit of” what they are depicting. In the instance below, they seem fairly specific.



I believe on Rebels Report it was Pete who speculated that Hera Syndulla was the pilot of The Ghost. The figure above seems to back up that claim. She seems to be a Han Solo in a female Twi-lek’s skin, if you will. She has a Han Solo blaster and flight goggles. Also as Pete pointed out, a conclusion I came to as well, Ghost Company, the troops under Obi-Wan in the Ryloth trilogy from Star Wars: The Clone Wars liberated the planet.

It also appears that Kanan Jarrus is a Jedi. Ezra appears to be on the Jedi path as well. So that is an interesting relationship with a lot of story opportunities.

Thanks to Jedi News for sharing the closeup!



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