Yoda to travel to the Sith Homeworld of Moriband! Korriban we hardly knew ya!

Whoa, this is pretty big stuff. I haven’t even seen the episode and my head is swimming with the ramification and possibilities.

Star Wars Union has updated with more on the final arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars aka “The Yoda Arc.” This story ends the series and has huge ramifications for Star Wars lore, if these descriptions are accurate and they seem to be. Reading these descriptions, it sounds like this goes deeper than Mortis did and surely is going to be something we talk about for a long time.

Voices (voices)

Yoda is deeply confused when he hears the voice of his late friend, Qui-Gon Jinn in his head, because he knows that even a Jedi can not speak from the realm of the dead to the living. The Jedi Council is irritated by Yoda’s behavior and wants to examine it in more detail. But with the help of Anakin, Yoda can escape from the hospital and puts himself on the search for the source of the voice.

On Now, This is Podcasting!, I’m pretty famous for nerding out over Qui-Gon Jinn. But the idea that Qui-Gon retained his identity has always been one of the cooler aspects of the Force to speculate on. I like the idea that Qui-Gon is drawing Yoda out. In doing so, he is setting up the events that save the galaxy, at least until Star Wars: Episode VII. This also closes up one of those implied, but loose threads from George Lucas’ six film epic.


Guided by the Force, Yoda travels to the heart of the galaxy. There, on the planet where he finds the origin of the Force, he must face difficult trials. Only upon passing them will the Sages deem him worthy of learning the deepest mysteries of the Force….

The “origin of the Force?” As in where it comes from? Or the first users of it? Okay, that’s some big stuff right there. As a lover of the Mortis arc, I’m excited for this. Beyond that concept blowing my mind, the idea that Yoda, the guy that’s always putting people through trials, is put through a trial himself is a fascinating concept. Don’t worry though, I think he passes since we see him as a little tiny ghost in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. 


On Moriband, the homeworld of the Sith, the time has come for Yoda to pass his final test. Only then will he learn the best-kept secret of his order, but first a most powerful enemy awaits….

So Korriban is out? I’m okay with that. I never really liked that planet, the concept, or the executions, for the most part. The Old Republic is mostly a weak reimiagning of of Star Wars which doesn’t do enough justice to the source material. Instead it simply second guesses, providing a lot of posturing, English arrogance, and overweight Sith (yeah, I’m serious). If Moriband is the new Sith homeworld, I welcome that conceptually. It appears to be correct as the German Television station checked on the translation at the request of Star Wars Union.

Depending on what goes down with the Expanded Universe and if it survives, I’m sure they will just retcon some jazz about Korriban. But deep down, we’ll all know that Moriband is the real Sith homeworld as envisioned by George Lucas and his Padawan, Dave Filoni. That’s enough for me. Besides, as our homegirl Dunc at Club Jade points out “it seems like we’ve already had several Sith planets/homeworlds over the years in the EU, so I find it hard to get upset about the possible addition of another.”

When you read into the subtleties of these changes and the extrapolations one can make from them, it is cool to consider the Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith cut scene with Qui-Gon and Yoda in the Polis Massa asteroid field. Qui-Gon says he learned the life after death trick from a Shaman of the Whills. Now, as my FuriousFanboys.com homie Jeremy Conrad points out, Lucas has turned that lost sequence into an entire arc. So the shaman is out and the sage is in. But the implications there are kind of neat. It means that Qui-Gon probably went to Moriband, leaned the secrets of the Force via the sage’s tests and kept it to himself. Then before his death, he meditated, drawing on those learnings, died, and retained his identity. At least that’s my theory.

On a side note, I can’t but think of the late great Jacques Brel. His song  “moribond” is French for “dying.” It was reworked by Terry Jacks into the 1970’s classic “Seasons in the Sun.”  Moriband seems to play upon the deathly word, but also work in “band” as to elude to the group of evil tyrants from the world. It is not unlike the planet “Coruscant” which is also French and means “sparkling or gleaming” or “flashes of light.” It is a very similar concept isn’t it? Oh yeah, and before you say Timothy Zhan created Coruscant, he choose the name, but used a Lucas concept and Lucas added the accent which is why you aren’t saying Cor U Scan’t like it’s 1998 anymore.

Man, I love Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was the wrong choice to cancel it. I will forever raise an eyebrow at that decision. But I cannot express how glad I am it is going out with a bang. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is getting an encore and the final song sounds more than badass, it sounds like an epic.

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