Zac Efron Did Meet With J.J. Abrams For Star Wars Episode VII Part.

MTV has an interview (a painful one with cute questions and the worst rock guitar I’ve ever heard) in which Zac Efron confesses he did meet with Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams. I also thought it was interesting that Miles Teller points to Michael B. Jordan as the most likely to end up in Star Wars.

It doesn’t seem very likely Zac Efron is in the film, especially since he’s talking about his meeting. Talking about one’s meeting generally doesn’t fair too well for actors. Ronan admitted it was a mistake to do as much. But Micheal B. Jordan also admitted to having tried out for a role.

These actors all tried out a long time ago and we know the process is still going on. So I would bet against these guys being in the film, but you never know.

Thanks to Alex ‏@finderofwords for the heads up!

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