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Daryl McCormac Nearly in Star Wars: Episode VII


I can only imagine how much it must burn to nearly be in Star Wars and then not have it happen. But the good thing is, J.J. Abrams said he’s one to watch. So perhaps he’ll show up in another film? Independent.ie writes:

And proving he has what it takes, the 21-year-old made it through to the last round of auditions for the next ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ film, being brought to the silver screen by JJ Abrams.

McCormac says he didn’t get the part because:

“It came down to experience mostly,” Daryl told the Herald.

“I got through as far as I could and that’s amazing, I’m thrilled about that.”

While the poor guy didn’t get the role, he does give us a little bit of insight into where Lucasfilm is at in the process:

“In January there were the final call backs in London and I was one of them,” Daryl said.

“There were very few of us there and it was a fantastic experience – we were in a proper studio acting out scenes from the movie.”

A part of me wonders if they were acting out the Rachel and Thomas scenes or actual sequences from the film itself. Considering he was far along in the process, it may have very well been the actual scenes from the film. Very interesting stuff.


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