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Gary Oldman contacted about Star Wars VII!

This almost feels like fancasting but it is apparently a very real possibility:

So Lucasfilm/Bad Robot/Disney have “inquired” and he’s quick to say it is not a done deal. He hasn’t been cast yet. Oldman was a rumored contender for the role of Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones, alongside Christopher Walken and then later rumored to be up for General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith. If there was any truth to that rumor, one can understand his cynicism. He will believe it when he’s on the plane home, me too!

One things for sure, Gary Oldman is up there in that venerable sphere of actor that could play any role in Star Wars and it would be appropriate. I do agree with Oldman that he’s a bit overexposed in the larger films, but he’s so exceptional, if he was in Star Wars: Episode VII, who would really mind?

I would love to see him return to the bad guy type like Dracula. He’s been a hero as of late, but the world is doing it wrong. Oldman is a great villain actor.


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