Goodnight Darth Vader by Jeffery Brown Announced! has an exciting reveal today! There is exciting news afoot for fans of Jeffery Brown’s previous Star Wars works:




As many of you know, I named my son Luke. Being a Star Wars fan with a son named Luke, well-meaning people often buy me copies of Darth Vader and Son. I’m not kidding, I have four copies. The bright side is I decided I was going to read to Luke right from the start as to make it a habit. So I have a copy in almost every room. It is one of the few books I think both he and I enjoy, probably for our own reasons.

I for one am looking forward to the newest addition in Brown’s series.

Dunc at Club Jade points out that has it listed for a July 22nd release date. The date might be arbitrary at this point. But here’s to hoping we get it sooner than later!


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