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Has the female lead for Star Wars: Episode VII been cast?

According to Bleeding Cool, the female lead for Star Wars: Episode VII has been cast.

I think the big news about Episode VII casting will be the female lead, though folk might not realise it until after they see the film. If everything we’re hearing is true, she’s already been cast too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if word sneaks out pretty soon.

There’s not a lot there. It was at the tail end of their update about Jack Reynor. But like I was saying, to my friend @Empireoffett (who also pointed me towards this update), if production really starts to get going this April/May, people will need to be cast and costumes need to be made and fitted. I’m just pulling this out of the air, but I would imagine a lot of casting would need to be completed, if not announced by March for the new main roles.

People still don’t realize Padmé Amidala is the hero of The Phantom Menace, so I’m not putting too much on the fan community realizing the new “Rachel” character is our hero, if the reports we’ve heard are accurate.

This is a fun time to be a Star Wars fan, I will say that much.


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