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Model Makers Offered 7 Year Contracts for Star Wars & Indiana Jones?

Den of Geek says they have been passing on most Star Wars: Episode VII rumors as of late because they don’t sound too plausible to them. But now a reliable source has some information they feel is worth passing on.

There’s been a security clampdown in the prop shop at Pinewood Studios, but we now understand that work is afoot on building a full scale Millennium Falcon there.

The first part kind of makes me chuckle a little. It implies there was a lax period for anything with Star Wars: Episode VII and any of its departments. But okay, maybe things got stricter somehow. But we’re back to the Millennium Falcon stuff. Now that we are nearing March, I’m going to stop laughing at these rumors. In the past they were laughable because they were entirely implausible (Lucasfilm didn’t even have the space to build it yet). Now we are at the point where if they are going to build a Falcon in April, it will probably need to get moving along here shortly, I would imagine. A part of me is surprised we didn’t see a larger rash of these types of rumors after last week’s concept art was posted on Lucasfilm’s website.

Furthermore, model makers are also building lightsaber hilts. This would tie into reports that the emphasis is going to be on practical, rather than computer effects wherever possible with future Star Wars films.

I am not sure I agree with the analysis there in the sense that, the Falcon is going to be used on several films throughout the next seven years. So it makes sense to build it and if they do build it, they will likely digitally alter the setting in which it is place each time. I’m just guessing, but it would not surprise me if in the end we got a Falcon amongst a sea of green screen.  There were always models and props made for all the Star Wars films no matter how digitally intense they were as well. Lightsaber hilts were never digital, but I don’t think they’re saying that there. I do think they will dial back the digital sets when possible.

Also, we now understand that model makers on the Star Wars: Episode 7 project are being recruited on up to seven year contracts, which cover three sequels and three spin-offs.

That really makes sense, doesn’t it? That would probably cover the bases on about six films. Of course that’s assuming we still get a spin-off in 2016.

There’s one more thing too, and we went back to double check this point with our source. The planning office is listing which stages are booked in advance, and for what film. Listed on those plans – before Christmas at least – was Indiana Jones 5.

To address the Indiana Jones point specifically: work on that has been mooted as a possible job as part of those long-term contracts. It’s very much being described as a “possible lead in to another Indy”, but nothing more than that.

Now, this makes me happy! I really hope this is true and it develops into another Indiana Jones film. The rumor we kept hearing was that Ford would make a really good Star Wars deal if he got his Indy film. Harrison Ford makes a ton of money via his Indiana Jones deal.

Regular readers will know we rarely break stories like this, because we do like to tread carefully. All of this may yet be disproved, but it’s information we’ve received and passed on in good faith. More as we get it.

We understand Den of Geek and thanks for sharing!


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