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USA Today chimes in with some Star Wars Rebels toys! The coolest being the Kanan action figure! Also, it turns out Ezra is a white guy, at least he looks white. Which means if David Oyelowo is playing Ezra, the rumor his character plays into Star Wars: Episode VII is totally untrue. However, could Oyelowo play Zeb perhaps? That might make sense, since the character is alive and apparently active in both eras. Making him an alien creature would solve that issue. But then again, perhaps I’m making an untrue rumor more likely with my speculation?

Kanan from the Saga Legends line:




The Ghost Lego set which attempts to hide character names (Zeb, Hera, Kanan, and Stormtrooper):1392328512000-75053-front-CMYK

The Phantom Lego set which indicates Ezra is a white male and Chopper is still a robot:


The sets look great. I’m looking forward to Star Wars Rebels more and more.

Thanks to our homie @12MG12 for the heads up!