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Billy Dee Williams: “Lando is alive and well.” Star Wars: Episode VII? Star Wars Rebels? The possibilities!

Now, This is Podcasting! music coordinator, Mark Seyb heard some Billy Dee Williams information from Billy Dee Williams himself today on KLOS’ Heidi and Frank In The Mornings and he said something similar on Dish Nation as well:

“Lando is alive and well, in fact I did something I can’t talk about. It involves Lando and the whole…it’s just a real good saga.”

There was that Star Wars Rebels rumor about his involvement which was shot down as a misunderstanding if I recall. There’s Star Wars: Episode VII but I’m not sure what he could have done for that at this point other than sign a contract and do a costume fitting if he’s involved? A video game? Either way, I can’t wait to see Billy Dee Williams involved with Star Wars in anyway possible.


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