Bradley Cooper to take over Indiana Jones if Ford isn’t up to it?


The origianl piece:

Latino Review is reporting Bradley Cooper is at the top of the list to play Indiana Jones. This runs against the rumors that Ford agreed to do Star Wars: Episode VII in exchange for an Indiana Jones movie (in which Ford takes a huge box office payout from). But in this instance, I think Latino Review’s source is proven, unlike the rumor about Ford and Star Wars. It sounds to me like Cooper is part of a contingency plan that most likely points towards the future of the franchise without Ford, which will come one day:

Our ever reliable sources (same folks who told us about Rocket Raccoon) are informing us that while Harrison Ford might still play Indiana Jones in the next film of the franchise, the window of making that happen is getting smaller and smaller.

There is a date and if Indiana Jones 5 is not moving forward by then, the studios are 100% prepared to recast a younger Dr. Jones and ready up a new trilogy.

Latino Review was spot on with Rocket Raccoon being voiced by Bradley Cooper in Guardians of the Galaxy. I agree that Indiana Jones himself can move forward like James Bond. My fear is that movies come out more like The Mummy instead of the four stellar movies we have by Ford, Lucas, and Spielberg. Changing that alchemy probably compromises the magic that is the Indiana Jones film series. It is like changing the lead singer in a band, and the drummer, and the guitar player along with the songwriter, but pretending it is the same band.

I think it would be wise to use the Last Crusade model in this instance and do one last Ford Indy film and have Cooper play Indy in the first bit like River Phoenix did to introduce him as the adult Indy of the now. That way when Cooper’s tenure should come (or any other actor for that matter) it feels seamless.

I love the character of Indiana Jones so much, I will follow this film closely. I can see Cooper playing Indy just fine. Sure, it won’t be Ford’s Indy. I can see the character being played like James Bond is played by different actors and in that model, and in that frame of mind, Cooper isn’t a bad choice.

This IP is worth too much to lay dormant for too long when Disney owns it. But I do question if I want this or not. I just hope they can offer the same kind of adventures we’ve received in the past from the geniuses behind the original films.



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