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Carrie Fisher to spend 6 months in London. For Star Wars: Episode VII?

Our friend Dunc at Clubjade.net, via their Tumblr, passed on a cool news story from /Film.

Jim Jeffries:

She said to me, she goes ‘I’m going off to London for six months to film the new Star Wars movie,’ right? And I don’t think from looking at it, the new Star Wars movie is a direct continuation. It’s number 7 but it’s not going to be the next day, I’ll tell you that much. Maybe she had the same problem the Emperor had, I don’t know.

The audience laughed at the time that had past and the idea she might be in a cameo. But Jefferies reiterated:

“She’s there for six months!”

Fisher has let it slip she’s involved more than anyone, I’d say. But this is a pretty strong indication it is happening or still happening for that matter, if the wait has made you nervous.

Six months sounds like a lot of time to film a Star Wars movie to me though. So maybe she’s spending some extra time there getting settled? That’s an extremely long shoot if it is actually six months. So much longer, it makes me wonder if they’re shooting scenes from the other films, if accurate.


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