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Fun Fact: Greedo’s Vests – Too Hot for Hoth!

Okay, this one is a little dopey, but I like it. The Greedo vests (Rodian vests) have gone through some serious changes over the films the costume apparel appeared in.

This is how Greedo looks on screen, darkly lit:


First we will take a look at Greedo’s vest from Star Wars: Holiday Special. I believe the best is most likely the same vest or really similar to the one used in A New Hope but it does rest on the actor slightly differently around the shoulders:


Strangely, modern action figures that have come out really make that vest a hell of a lot better than it was on screen:

Black Series Greedo

As we can kind of see here, the vests on the non-Greedo Rodians in A New Hope is pretty true to form:


Interestingly, by the time we get to Return of the Jedi the vests have had an upgrade with a curious past. Apparently the production used the same patterns, bought the vests from the same source, or dyed old Empire Strikes Back Hoth vests orange for Return of the Jedi:


Too hot for Hoth!


The point of all this? Those vests are too hot for Tatooine and don’t mean the temperature.

We have a suggestion to bring the whole outfit together:





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