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How I’m cooler than you: My Yoda backpack is 8 years old!

I’m cooler than you because: I purchased my Yoda backpack in a novelty store in Old Sacramento way back in 2006. It even has a Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith tag. Yoda and I have been hanging out together for 8 years already, and long before backpacks hit the shelves of Disneyland’s The Star Trader where we bought my husband’s backpack in 2009. (In case you were wondering if I’m cooler than him as well, the answer is yes, I am.). I have yet to meet anyone else with this version of the backpack, so if you have one, let me know by tweeting me @AmandaWardstein!

This has been an installment of “How I’m cooler than you”.


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