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Is Lucasfilm already casting for a Star Wars live-action television show?

Well this is an interesting one. is saying Disney is casting a live-action Star Wars television series already.

 Today, however, we’ve heard that Disney is already holding auditions for as yet unannounced Star Wars TV specials and even a mini-series!

We have heard for sometime via a Jedi News report that some Darth Vader television specials where coming. I’ve heard from countless people for the last year that there were going to be several Netflix mini-series on the way over the next couple of years but this makes it seem way sooner, unless the series is animated and they’re recording voicework first.

 According to my source, who I can’t name, Disney’s casting auditions for Star Wars haven’t just been limited to the upcoming film,Episode VII.  Rather, they were told the people holding the auditions were casting for roles in as yet unannounced television projects including “specials and mini-series“.

There really isn’t a lot to object to conceptually. At least not off the top of my head. A part of me wants to say it would be weird that we haven’t official heard of these projects and casting seems far along for something we haven’t heard of officially. But then again, Star Wars Rebels was cast under the radar and we probably don’t exactly when that process happened.

I hope this is true. I could use some more Star Wars.

(Via Jedi News)


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