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Jedi News’ Jedi Master SQL Talks Star Wars: Episode VII Set Visits and Pinewood Studios!

Our buds from Jedi News have a report today about general set visits and happenings at Pinewood Studios.

Vendor meetings began on Friday 28th February, and continued into early March. The majority of the vendors invited are long standing trusted Lucasfilm vendors, or divisions within the Disney family.

With the announcements that filming is starting in May, that makes a lot of sense. We’ve also seen a few tweets here and there that support the idea visits are undergoing.

In what would appear to be an unusual move for a J J Abrams’ movie, there appears to be a keenness to work with the media pro-actively to publicise the movie, and thus counter the desire for unwanted leaks – rather than the total secrecy enacted on other movies he has worked on.

When an editor for Empire Magazine has a set visit, that surely seems to be the case. While I agree it is an “unusual move” for an Abrams film, I think they’re being realist. Like I have been saying for a few weeks now, this isn’t like Abrams older works. This is going to have a hundred action figures, collectible cups, and so on. Once information hits marketing for all these different vendors, it becomes hard to stop leaks from springing up everywhere. By having media involvement, they’re more likely to be able to control the bigger outlets from covering unwanted aspects of the film by offering them nice things like set visits and so on. I also think Abrams felt the secrecy around Star Trek into Darkness backfired on him.

It is same (sic)to assume that both JJ and Kathleen would have given interviews at these meetings which will be used by these publications in upcoming issues.

That’s the exciting part. With today’s news that filming begins in May and sets are clearly being built, there should be a ton of huge news hitting in the immediate future.

 a number of actors and actresses whom we assume are cast, and or at least in late stages of negotiation. Costume fittings and training are starting…

Hot damn, that’s exciting. Production is upon us!

Make sure you visit Jedi News for the full report!



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