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Join us for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Slumber Party this Thursday night on Netflix!

WHEN: Thursday night (March 6th into March 7th). Pre-airing chat on Twitter. Event begins Friday morning, 12:01am PST 1 minute into Friday.

WHAT TO BRING: Your Tweets!

WHY: Because it will be the Star Wars event of the season!


After a chat with the wonderful lads at Rebels Report it was decided we’re going to stay up all night on Thursday. Why? Because at 12:01am, March 7th (or midnight this Thursday) we are getting Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions. That’s right! All 13 episodes of the once deemed “bonus content.” We plan to start watching at 12:01am. We plan to binge watch it too. We’re going to Roku3 it like the darkside of the Force!

Many Netflix players autoplay to the next episode as the credits begin. We’re suggesting if your player does that, let it. It will probably keep us in sync better than anything.  I will be watching the show on a Roku3. I believe gaming systems also use the same version of Netflix. This should allow us to all be within a few seconds of each other.

We will have a live video feed you can watch on YouTube that will allow you to check in with us if you want to. We will mostly be watching the show, so it won’t be the most exciting video feed of all time. But it will be there so you don’t have to watch the show alone if your friends aren’t up for challenge of staying up all night! Plus you can chat with us there too!  Note: We will not be streaming the video of the series, just our room! was cool enough to provide us with the start time of 12:01 am, PST. So that’s official. Provided there are no hiccups, the content should be available promptly at that time. Both Arrested Development and House of Cards Season II were released flawlessly at that time. So I think things will run smooth on that front, in case you’re worried.

We hope you will join us for this “Clone Wars Slumber Party.” We’re using the hash tag #CloneWarsLive for the event (#CloneWars is the official hash tag you should use as well).

If you don’t have Netflix, you can register for a free trial and watch the show that way for free.

I don’t have a comprehensive list of participants from the fan community, but I know Rebels Report, Scum and Villainy Radio, Making Star Wars, The Wookiee Gunner, Star Wars On the Small Screen, and 1985FM are all involved! As I get more participants, I will add them to this list!



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