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Kathleen Kennedy’s Company Tweets to Star Wars: Episode VII Casting Poll!?

Earlier today, MakingStarWars.net contributor Andrew ran a story about the new contenders up for the male lead role in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Just moments ago, Kathleen Kennedy’s company she owns with her husband, Frank Marshall, tweeted out the following message:


EDIT: tweet deleted!


PUT IN YOUR VOTE: Who Should Play the Lead in #StarWarsVII? >>http://t.co/RHLgZo2fBK @JJAbramsFans @AbsoluteHFORD #KathleenKennedy

— Kennedy/Marshall Co. (@KenedyMarshall) March 12, 2014


Was this from an enthusiastic intern or Kennedy and Marshall?

It links to a Variety poll where you can vote for the new hero of the film and who you think should be the male star of the film. This is the same Twitter account that was congratulating J.J. Abrams before the announcement was released he was directing Star Wars: Episode VII. So it seems like this could be significant and actually confirming the Variety rumors, which are almost always true.

If Kathleen Kennedy’s company is acknowledging the rumors, it could also give more credence to everything in the story like Adam Driver being the main villain in the new film.


EDIT: tweet deleted!


@Variety EXCLUSIVE: @starwars “Adam Driver to Play the Villain.” Read more about the @girlsHBO star here. http://t.co/909GmG2qLy #darthfader


Perhaps the hard debates are going down at Lucasfilm and this is how they are taking stock of the public opinion to help guide their hands and final decision making? There was a rumor going around that Kathleen Kennedy’s office are the ones that leaked the Adam Driver rumor to Variety. Maybe there’s some truth to that?

Or maybe an intern got over zealous? You never know, crazier things have happened. But I suggest voting if you want your say in who the new star of the film is.

Here is the gallery Amanda put together earlier for us:




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