The Force Awakens

No hope for Wedge Antilles in Episode VII?

The Scotsman reported that Denis Lawson has no interest in reprising his arguably most famous role as Wedge Antilles in the galaxy far, far away.

He turned down the opportunity to reprise his Star Wars role when George Lucas revisited the story in 2005, but when I ask him about it he just sighs wearily and won’t be drawn. “Honestly, I made the first Star Wars film in 1976 and it doesn’t really interest me. I know it’s interesting to other people but I get really bored talking about it. Sorry.”


One cannot blame him how he feels about the subject, but it is indeed a sad thing to hear as a Star Wars fan. We would welcome him with open arms if he ever chose to return, but we can always wish him the best of luck continuing with his current and future endeavors.


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