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Pinewood Studios goes into lock down!


Production on Star Wars: Episode VII has been moving forward for some time and especially now more than ever. Our friends over at Jedi News pointed out that Ali Arikan posted a pretty interesting tweet. With only a few weeks until scheduled filming begins on the next epic addition to the saga, it appears that security has gotten very tight at Pinewood.

This sounds like what JJ’s co workers at Bad Robot had done to JJ when he was working on the script in his office. Covering his windows with black paper! With only weeks left till filming we imagine that LFL is moved in and operating at its best potential, sets built, costume fittings, training in full swing, cameras and gear being setup and JJ already living in London for the shoot and ready to go. The amount of security being implemented at this point has gone leaps and bounds beyond most film productions and going to the extreme of even utilizing reflective glass! No one is to be looking in at this point. Could only imagine the requirements to go in and change the trash bags. Kathleen and JJ aren’t messing around here and obviously taking this pretty serious. We as fans can only be as grateful that the chosen creators of the next installment are taking it this serious and believe in it as much as they do. Hint thats a good thing for all those skeptics out there.


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