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Sam Witwer was going to audition for Star Wars: Episode VII until the role changed.

Sam Witwer was set to audition for Star Wars: Episode VII. Then what happened? Well, the role changed and the awesome Witwer did not have a shot at a role in the film any longer.

“I was about to, but the parameters of that role changed. I did not go in, so I can tell you I did not go in.”

That was about six or seven months ago when things changed. It appears to have been because of the Arndt draft being altered when Lawrence Kasdan and J.J. Abrams took over the final version of the script. That’s the assumption the hosts of the podcast make and it does line up with the rumor there were huge shifts and characters were changed up. There seems to have been some shifting around of the commando role and and now we appear to have two people in commando roles, so perhaps that was what Witwer was supposed go in for? We can only speculate for now.

On a side note, Witwer also confirms that the Mandalorians were to be pacifist in The Clone Wars and they were going to become violent again. I think we saw that coming once Maul became their shadow leader with a puppet leader in place. Maul was to spark off a Mandalorian Civil War. They were going to revert back to clans and violence.

Also, Maul lives! George and Filoni say he didn’t die as far as Witwer knows. So there’s big opportunities there…

I love how Witwer approaches Star Wars accurately and rationally and as an honest fan everywhere he goes. I love that he says what I want to say when I hear detractors speaking from a somewhat unbalanced perspective. I hope there’s room for him in the sequel trilogy or a spin-off one day.  Sam Witwer is a great actor and a great ambassador for Star Wars. 

(Via schmoesknow thanks to @starwars7news for the heads up)


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