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Star Wars: Detours 30 Episodes to be released at some point!

It has been a while since we heard anything about Star Wars: Detours, but Green stated there were 39 episodes completed at that time. Interestingly, last time we heard about it, Seth Green was pontificating about how distribution methods have changed recently with the advent of Netflix in the home with original content like House of Cards. Little did we know (okay it crossed my mind when he said it) that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would see its final season released on Netflix less than a year later. I am banking on Star Wars: Detours showing up on Netflix if anywhere, should it happen in the near future, myself.

This tweet reiterates old information that seems to be relevant today:

30+ episodes is probably still means 39 unless a few have fallen off or were proven unfit for release.

(Via a retweet from @ParkerPublicist)


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