Star Wars Fans: Give Blood on June 14 (or before as well!)

Hey, do something nice with your life. And by life, I mean your blood! Don’t be a Dracula. Share your blood! Remember that time Sifo’s blood helped make General Grievous? Giving blood is important. Also, I’m pretty sure Count Dooku is Dracula and he’s a jerk.

In all seriousness, read this message:

A message from Ryder Windham, blood donor, honorary member of The 501st Legion and 501st Ireland, and author of Star Wars books.

Dear friends,

I conceived the World Blood Drive as a fun way for Star Wars fans to help with a good cause, but one can only go so far with an idea. The credit for making this international blood drive a reality must go to everyone who liked the idea, to those who jumped at the opportunity to organize blood drives in their areas, and to help promote the events. Not to mention everyone now planning to give blood on June 14!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve corresponded with I-don’t-know-how-many members of Star Wars costume organizations and fan clubs from more than 25 countries. Some have already determined the locations for their blood drives on June 14. Others have explained unusual challenges of working with their local blood centers, or expressed concern about logistics. I’ve also corresponded with representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), whose annual World Blood Donor Day—also held on June 14—was an inspiration for the World Blood Drive.

Everyone has expressed great enthusiasm in the goals of our world-wide event: a united effort to help blood centers promote unpaid blood donations, and to inspire children to eventually become blood donors. Most importantly, we want to help save lives, and to encourage others to do the same.

In the weeks to come, this page will give you updates on the locations and time schedules for the World Blood Drive events. We’ll also be posting photos of the participants, information about blood donations, and sharing stories about our experiences with previous blood drives.

We welcome your input! If you have questions about the World Blood Drive, or want to share your own insights about giving blood, please do. If you have photos of yourself in a Star Wars costume at a blood drive, or want to show us what costume you’ll be wearing on June 14, feel free send those photos here.

To everyone involved with the World Blood Drive, please know that I believe you are the best of people. You are helping to save lives, and asking for nothing in return. You truly are the Force.

Warm regards,

– Ryder Windham

p.s. Whenever I give blood, I always wear a short-sleeved shirt.

Via Steven Sansweet!


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