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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is #1 on Netflix!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars  and the 2008 feature film are doing well on Netflix according to What’s On Netflix. This is clearly a great sign for all things Star Wars on Netflix in the future. It would be great it if was a good sign for a Star Wars: The Clone Wars miniseries or two that wrap up some of the larger hanging threads of the series or even as an excuse to tell more stories in that era using the assets they already have created for the series. Either way, this tells everyone that Star Wars, even in animated form is great for subscriptions. We all came together and got #CloneWarsLive to trend that first night it hit and it looks like it is doing great outside our culture here, which is a great thing. I hope this helps give Star Wars: The Clone Wars a second lease on life some day.

What’s On Netflix:


Star Wars : The Clone Wars
Real Husbands of Hollywood
Pokemon Indigo League
Orange is the New Black
An Idiot Abroad
The Office
Trailer Park Boys
Family Guy


Robin Hood : Men in Tights (1998)
The Hunger Games (2012)
Star Wars : The Clone Wars (2008)
Silence of the Lambs (1991)
The Croods (2013)
Airplane (1980)
Blackfish (2013)
Men in Black 2 (2002)
Bermuda Triangle Exposed (2010)

(Via Star Wars Underworld)



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