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Star Wars Underworld: Did Ron Moore just let us know Darth Vader was going to be involved?

Ronald D. Moore talks about arguing about what Darth Vader would or would not do with George Lucas:

The text:

I did, for a bit of time, work on what was going to be a Star Wars live-action series. We’d go gather at Skywalker Ranch periodically, every couple of months, and break stories and write scripts for this proposed series that George was interested in. And George was in the ring with us every day. And it was a fascinating, amazing experience. There was George Lucas and we’d be arguing stories and there was a point where I found myself in an intense argument with George about what Darth Vader would or would not do, and part of my brain kind of went, ‘What the hell are you doing? Are you really going to argue with George Lucas about what Darth Vader would do?

Maybe it was a hypothetical discussion comparing one bad guy to Vader and that’s where the topic went. But the idea that Darth Vader is in the show seems like a possibility based on the discussion. It does run against what Rick McCallum usually said about the show though, which was they were talked about but didn’t really show up.

Still, it is both thrilling and heart breaking to hear about a show that might not ever happen but sounded so great. Please bring this series to Netflix, Lucasfilm? I’ll wash your car.

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