Steve Evans, Design Director of Hasbro, Visits Star Wars: Episode VII’s Pinewood Studios!

There isn’t anything “meaty” in this. At the same time, there is. Things are really happening over at Pinewood now, it appears. Why do we care about Pinewood Studios? Because that’s where Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, and Lawrence Kasdan are making the next Star Wars film!

I assume Mr. Evans was at the production offices for Star Wars: Episode VII? He does say “set,” which is indicative of “sets.” Are there actually built sets already? Recent rumors made it appear things were a little further along on some fronts and not as far along on others. I think we’ll know soon what’s up on that front.

I love the tease at the end that we will know things “soon.” If it doesn’t make you excited, you probably shouldn’t be on my site (don’t worry we can still be friends).

The tweets:

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