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Watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars in Story Order Thanks to Leland Che!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars started out as an anthology series. That meant it jumped around in time initially and story order didn’t matter. At around season 3.5 of the series, it became more linear. A larger story conflict took hold and with that, telling a straight story order made more sense. Now that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is on Netflix, you won’t find yourself getting up several times to switch discs from multiple seasons to watch the true story order as it unfolded in the galaxy far, far away.

I personally prefer the story order to the release order. But the story order puts a lot of weaker episodes up front. So I do not suggest the story order for someone that has never watched the entire series before unless you really trust me and stick with it, because it is worth it. If you’ve already seen the series before, watching in story order puts the weaker episodes behind you quicker and it tells the true chronological story of the war Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan fought.

216 116 Feature Film 301 303 101-115 117-121 201-203 217-219 204-214 220-222 305-307 302 304 308 122 309-311 215 312-322 S4 502-513 501 514-520 601-613

For Darth Maul fans, this is the Darth Maul story order:

314 421 422 501 514 515 516


UPDATE: Leeland has just posted the story order for Asajj Ventress!

116 T 101 302 109 312-314 419-422 519-520


Thank you, Leland Che for sharing this with us!

(Via Club Jade)


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