A Gallery of Star Wars Cosplay from Emerald City Comic Con

When Randy said he and Tracy where going to Emerald City, I thought they were going to Oz or something. So I was like “do your thing, man.” Me and Randy talk about Star Wars, guitars, and rocking stuff seriously hard. We don’t talk about The Wizard of Oz.  Seriously, in all our years of friendship, we’ve never once talked about The Wizard of Oz. “He’s changed,” I thought to myself.

So when I texted Randy earlier in the week and he wasn’t around, I was concerned. Who killed Randy, I thought to myself. So I texted him. He was like “I’m on a plane going to Emerald City Comic Con.”  Then it all made sense. He wasn’t going for a trek on the yellow brick road, he was going to Washington. That’s way less dumb than going to find the wizard. It turned out Randy hand’t changed, he was his same old self this whole time.

Randy went to the con and represented’s Now, This is Podcasting! and, his video game site and podcast (which you should check out). contributor Tracy also went as Mara Jade. She’s in most of the photos because Randy likes her or something. I mean, they have an apartment together, so I guess it is pretty serious. They’ve also been together for several years. I’m just putting this altogether now. Give me a moment. Wow.

Anyways, Randy and Tracy are caring friends and they thought of and took a lot of pictures for us and you to enjoy on the Star Wars end of things.

I like to imagine this picture of Randy is the face he’ll be making when he reads this update:


I think I should also add that since Randy is with Tracy who is Mara Jade, that’s makes him Luke, which makes me Han Solo. There, that’s settled. End of debate. Randy loves redheads and power converters. Glad that’s settled!

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