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A “New Dawn” for Star Wars Del Rey Publishing? We Hope So!

There was a rumor sometime ago that Star Wars: Episode VII was called A New Dawn. Interestingly, today Del Rey changed their Facebook header to this image:

New Dawn

It isn’t clear if it is coincidence or if they’re riffing on the rumor. In my opinion, they’re not teasing the title of the film or anything. It is too early for publishing to know the title for the film and I would assume they will probably find out about the same time we do, if not when we find out via a SDCC announcement or something like that.

What is fascinating is it seems to point towards the new era of Star Wars storytelling beginning in September. Club Jade points out that we could potentially find out today as Del Rey has a panel at C2E2. Also Kevin Hearne has a Luke Skywalker novel that is supposed to hit at some point but we still don’t know when that will happen exactly. 

I am hoping for a new continuity, personally. I got into the post-film era novels as much as I could. I really tried to like them but I ultimately couldn’t connect with them and then eventually I couldn’t keep up with the arcs that spanned several books and I lost interest. I have instead enjoyed their Darth Plagueis, Kenobi, and Maul: Lockdown books the most as of late. I like the idea of a new entry point that ties into the film saga on the horizon. My hope is Del Rey, who has done a fantastic job with the books overall, announces a license renewal and post-Return of the Jedi continuity.

Thanks to Alex for the heads up!

(Via Club Jade)


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