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Alan Horn confirms Abu Dhabi filming, Casting soon, and large budget



Today Brent Lang – a current media reporter for Variety – sent out a few tweets today regarding Alan Horn and Star Wars: Episode VII, as well as the possibility of reverting the release date to a May debut for future installments as well as that was indeed the second unit of Episode VII crew filming in Abu Dhabi.

Quite a bit of information released right there. Those large white tents we saw in the Abu Dhabi desert with an AT-AT foot sticking out were indeed for the second unit shooting of Episode VII which consists of mainly action shots and close up shots like R2’s third leg lowering. This week Alan Horn is traveling to London to meet with JJ about the screenplay and production design , as well as if everyone is on the same page before first unit filming begins. We learned that George Lucas is in fact still working on the project as a creative consultant, which is nice that Kathleen Kennedy and JJ still want to utilize him and not just leave him in the dust.The casting is almost done, which we have heard Alan Horn say before in the THR interview, who knows if thats a smoke screen or not. Things are heating up and we’re within the 30 day window of principle photography so hold on tight folks. Were going for a bumpy ride!    

“Very Shortly” Horn says about announcing the cast and their plans for Star Wars: Episode VII. So let’s hope its right around the corner!


Next are tweets from Marc Graser who also works for Variety

Horn said it himself, he wanted a large budget for a large film. It’s comforting knowing that he understands and wants to give us the best possible film by supplying a large budget to bring us back to the galaxy far, far away.


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