Amy Hennig will lead the development of Visceral Games Star Wars offering!

Amy Hennig is taking over a Star Wars game. She is known for a lot of great games, more recently the Uncharted series of games. She will lead the development of Visceral Games Star Wars offering.

Some have speculated that this could be a revitalization of Star Wars: 1313. While anything is possible, I think that hope is being reinvigorated because 1313 was similar to Uncharted. However, 1313 moved away from the Uncharted type of game and did not look anything like it at the end of the development process. So unless they rollback the development, that seems unlikely to me. But admittedly, I’m not a video game guy so I could be really wrong.

Lets let the great Amy Hennig tell us about it in her own words. Welcome to Star Wars, Amy! 

If only I worked on a podcast with a video game guy that could write us an article about how exciting this news is…


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