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BIG NEWS: A few people we hadn’t assumed were in Star Wars VII are not in Star Wars: Episode VII.

We’re all thirsty for Star Wars in a desert of Star Warsless news. This is kind of starting to annoy me at this juncture. Of course, I don’t have to cover every little tidbit of news. But at the same time, I enjoy chronicling the events that have been unfolding. 

Huffington Post relayed this from Ansel Elgort on the topic of  Star Wars: Episode VII:

“I think they told me, ‘No, you’re not in it,'” Elgort.

MTV has a video of actors who were rumored and many who were not commenting on if they are in the film:

 Both young men admitted to trying out for a role, but only Elgort had got a definitive answer about his audition. He heard that he wouldn’t be in the movie, but Mirchoff could only assume that he didn’t get it, since he hasn’t heard anything.

So Beau Mirchoff admits to trying out. Since neither of these actors were in the final running we heard about recently, I don’t really feel this is news. I do feel it is interesting for the historical record though.

Thanks to our friend Alex (@FinderofWords) for the heads up as always!


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