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Dominic Monaghan to play a Jedi in Star Wars: Episode VII?

Yoda News is reporting via Twitter that they are hearing Dominic Monaghan is playing a Jedi in Star Wars: Episode VII.


I find it possible this rumor is true. However, the actor did just make it clear that Abrams and Lucasfilm were casting unknowns in the new film and he wasn’t likely to land a role. That shows us that Monaghan has access to Abrams as friend and it is possible he could land a role. However, it could also simply mean the rumors about his Star Wars talk from last week spiraled into a rumor.

Yoda News are a balanced bunch though, so I’m going to consider the possibility for now. It would be pretty cool if true, to be honest. I don’t care about his Lord of the Rings work, personally. But I loved Monaghan as Charlie in LOST.

Thanks to @FinderofWords for the heads up and Yoda News for sharing!



It was recently announced that Amy Hennig was helming a new Star Wars video game. So perhaps Dominic Monaghan is not in Star Wars: Episode VII but rather a new video game Hennig is making at Visceral?


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