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Is there a photo of Harrison Ford from the Star Wars: Episode VII set/event?

Please excuse me if I’m totally off here, I’m travel weary and caught a good cold after spending the week in San Francisco. I woke up today and saw this photo and observation via Mark from Now, This is Podcasting!

A “proof” photo from Harrison Ford’s Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday. :

FordIt was suggested the chair to his left (our right) says CARRIE, as in Carrie Fisher as in Princess Leia of Alderaan. Then it starts to look like that’s Harrison Ford in England, with a Han Solo haircut, filming something for Star Wars. As I looked at the photo a little harder, the font on the chair does look a little bigger than Harrison’s. I know Ford used James Cameron’s Twitter account to announce his Reddit AMA which I’ve only read highlights from.

Would cameron only have his last name on the chair? CAMERON? Or does it say CARRIE? The font look a little different and the size looks different too, unless it is just perspective.

I went over to IMDB to search for “CA” in a cast list and nothing came up via “find.”

I have my doubts this is Star Wars related. But my imagination can’t help but see the photo and think that’s Ford’s chair, that’s Carrie Fisher’s chair and they’re being interviewed in England for something Star Wars related. I figured I should toss this out there and let other Star Wars detectives finish the work while I take some cold medicine. I hope I’m not starting an incorrect rumor here. As far I know, I haven’t seen this posted anywhere else yet. So if it has, I’ll add credit later.


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