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Is there an AT-AT foot in the Abu Dhabi desert?

Is there an AT-AT foot out there in the Abu Dhabi desert? Yesterday’s story is making many insist that there is. analyst are back at it agian. I have “TOP MEN” on it. IG-88MPH has a new GIF analysis for us:


Original story:


Thanks to IG-88 MPH for making us the GIF.

Some people are certain it is at AT-AT foot. I see it. I know what they’re saying. But I don’t know. I can only say it very well may be a walker foot. It doesn’t match the model perfectly. But it would not necessarily have to match the model perfectly unless we were seeing the underside of it. It doesn’t have the talons, but perhaps they snap in? That said, it doesn’t look tall enough. If there are AT-AT’s in the film, would they look the same after all these years?

All I can say is it seems like there’s something out there that could be an AT-AT’s foot.

Sightings Of The Set Of Star Wars Sightings Of The Set Of Star Wars Footbig3

Check out the comparisons Star Wars Episode 7 News has up as well for further analysis who also remind us of this Bad Robot tweet:

I’m nearly convinced.


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