Sequel TrilogyThe Force Awakens Exclusive: Star Wars: Episode VII Disney Executive Breakfast? Exclusive: Andrew from met with the right person today and learned a few things we believe may coincide with a larger Star Wars: Episode VII announcement. We don’t know for sure, but it appears to be the case so don’t shoot the messengers on this one.  If you can think of a reason the executives would get together to celebrate Star Wars on a random Thursday, a month before Star Wars Weekends, we’d like to hear it! Plus it is bringing a retired George Lucas into the mix which makes it sound important. What we have learned in the last 48 hours: Menu

  • Disney will host a Star Wars executive breakfast this Thursday, April 24th.

  • George Lucas will be in attendance.

  • Classic Star Wars film actors  will be in attendance.

  • The VIP event will be for about 100 people.

  • The menu will  be Star Wars themed (edible characters, Yoda was mentioned).

  • Only top executives from Disney are attending.

  • The event will be held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

  • This meal will also be served for Star Wars Weekends, but the first time it will be served will be at this executive breakfast on April 24th. It will start “May 4th, and be used for 54 consecutive days afterward” for non-executives.

The Prep Menu:

Update 4/21/14: TFN’s Eric Geller says “a Lucasfilm spokesperson has categorically denied that this event is taking place.” I’m not going to pull a “well, they would say that” or anything. But we have three different sources saying that’s the case. One source provided us with the menu images and my staff knows the sources personally so this isn’t the kind of situation where they’re pulling one over on us. So is it happening or not? I can’t say. If Lucasfilm says it isn’t true, I have to assume it isn’t and there’s some kind of misunderstanding here. But I have to be honest, it doesn’t make sense. We are being told the event is happening and Lucas will be there. 


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