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Star Wars: Episode VII cast includes Andy Serkis?

EDIT: It was real!

I’m reporting this one just to be thorough. The List reports:

Director J.J. Abrams hosted a bonding session at upmarket London restaurant 34, where new cast members Adam Driver and Andy Serkis were joined by three familiar faces from the sci-fi franchise, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew ahead of a planned script read through later this week.

Anything is possible but it doesn’t feel right and no one has mentioned Andy Serkis other than in the dreams of fancasters. My personal theory, if this is just made up, perhaps he was at the party, like Peter Serafinowicz, who appears to have been having a drink with Mark Hamill in London. Sometimes rumors take proximity and make logical leaps that aren’t reflective of reality. Also, why wouldn’t Mark Hamill be there since he’s in London? It all seems a little weird to me.

With the way things have gone, I wouldn’t place bets on anyone being in or out of this film. I’m just very doubtful of this and it seems like something the bigger film blogs would have called out first.

I have a feeling the next couple of days might be like this. Just a heads up.

(via Star Wars Episode 7 News)


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