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Star Wars: Episode VII filming in Cairo now, Abu Dhabi soon?!

Our buds at Jedi News says they have a solid source that says Lucasfilm is already filming Star Wars: Episode VII in Cairo:

That’s right – ALREADY FILMING.

Our source also relayed to us that filming is expected to be take place at some point in Abu Dhabi, though no further details were provided on that location.

“Filming” is such a subjective term. Second unit work could be happening right now. That’s totally possible. For instance, during Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, volcanic footage was shot way  in advance of principal photography. Footage that ILM needs to get cracking on research and development does not have coincide with principal photography so that’s kind of likely. If they know they need live action footage for establishing shots that are going to be digitally altered, it makes sense to get those as soon as logistically possible.

The likelihood they’re actually filming scenes with actors in them is unlikely. If they are doing so, that would be amazing.

So is this a secret shoot? Second unit work? Or just a rumor and nothing more? Time will tell!


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