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Star Wars: Episode VII: My Thoughts on the Cast.

The Star Wars: Episode VII cast list was just announced at! Here are my thoughts and impressions. I’ve been wondering what this movie would be like since I was three years old (nearly four) and I walked out of the theater seeing Episode VI for the first time. After that I followed the Marvel comics, then Heir to the Empire  and Dark Empire  attempted to tell the tale of what Episode VII might be like. I have been daydreaming about this movie longer than some of its cast have been alive!  Now, after all these years, we have the first glimpse of what the movie will kind of look like in terms of casting. I still can’t believe it is happening!

John Boyega:

 I loved Attack the Block. Boyega shined in that role because he played a punk in a group of hoodlums that defended their neighborhood when an alien invasion happened. A lot of the role was played silently but he managed to act with his eyes and be a very strong lead in the film. I can see him with an orange X-Wing outfit and lightsaber just fine. He’s good at getting deep and dark and then falling into a lighthearted, if not comedic moment. In other words, he’s a great choice for a Star Wars film. I have zero doubts about his ability to nail his role. 

Daisy Ridley:

She’s new to me and chances are she’s new to you.  She’s beautiful but not Natalie Portman beautiful. Her look falls  between Padmé Amidala and Leia Organa, which could be a good thing if she’s the granddaughter and daughter of the two characters. But if she isn’t, she has a good vibe to her. Now I need to search out something she’s been in.

Daisey Ridley

Adam Driver:

I am the most familiar with his work because of Girls (the best actor on that show) and Inside Llewyn Davis. He usually kind of plays a goofy guy that can get a little scary when need be. He has been rumored to be the villain in this new installment of Star Wars.  I think he’s very talented.

Oscar Isaac:

I have only seen Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis. In that film he comes off very smartass and New York if that makes sense. He does possess a certain nobility in his eyes and like Boyega can be a pretty strong silent actor, judging from his work in Inside Llewyn Davis.

Andy Serkis:

This one surprised me. Late last night the rumor hit he was in the film. I didn’t buy it because he is a person I’ve seen “fancasted” a few times and we hadn’t heard anything about him. He now joins the ranks of Christopher Lee as an actor to do Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Has Serkis been hired to be a new CGI creature, a voice actor, or will Serkis just perform as his physical self?

Domhnall Gleeson:

You might have seen him in Harry Potter as Ron’s older brother or in True Grit. People are speculating he’s Luke Skywalker’s son. I can see that. I would buy that from him.

Max von Sydow:

I haven’t been this happy for Max von Sydow news since he was cast as the voice of Vigo in the Ghostbusters video game (he was also the voice of Vigo in the film Ghostbusters II). I was kind of surprised he didn’t show up in the prequels after he played Sigmund Freud in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (I actually speculated back then he might show up in the films). Better late than never! He was also famously Ming in 1980’s Flash, you know, the one with the rockin’ Queen soundtrack? If none of this makes sense to you, you might have seen him in the Exorcist. Point is, Max von Sydow is awesome. 

Harrison Ford:

Finally. Han Solo is in another Star Wars film and Harrison Ford is playing him. I can’t believe I just typed that with certainty.

Carrie Fisher:

Finally. I don’t think anyone dropped that they were in the film and recanted more times than Fisher. It was almost like she was trolling us. Thankfully, she’s returning as Princess Leia and that’s great. Having two lead women in the film is awesome. It isn’t as dynamic as we hoped it would be, but that’s still an improvement over the past.

Mark Hamill:

Finally. The greatest Star Wars hero of all time returns!

Anthony Daniels:

Welcome back and finally! It wouldn’t be Star Wars without you, See-Threepio!

Peter Mayhew:

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhghhghg (Awesome, finally!). I am so happy Mayhew’s knee surgery worked out and he was able to do the film. That’s just fantastic to see Chewbacca return in the first Star Wars film since 2005!

Kenny Baker:

My favorite Star Wars character returns with the actor that brings him to life, nothing makes me happier.  In the prequels he played Artoo in a few sequences. I imagine it will be the same here but I still have to say it is awesome they have everyone back together. 

I am bummed Billy Dee Williams wasn’t included in this cast list. Hopefully they have something planned for him in the future and he just didn’t fit the story this time out. Billy Dee Williams is the best there is. If there’s any sadness about the casting, it is the lack of Billy Dee Williams, that’s for sure.

The cast looks and feels great.


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