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Star Wars Rebels: See the Inquisitor’s Saber Spin in action!

This was almost lost, at least to us, in the all the Expanded Universe/Star Wars Legends upheaval from Friday. It kind of got pushed down a bit in all the chaos.

We saw a glimpse of the Inquisitor’s rumored saber spin. How cool is that? podcast music coordinator, Mark Seyb pointed out:

We’ve already assumed it but at 4:26 on the Expanded Universe video, you can see the way the Inquisitor’s lightsaber spins very briefly.

IG-88MPH,’s GIF expert and image analyst made us this:

Inquisitor Saber Spin


Like Mark, pointed out, we knew he most likely had this spinning feature for a while. The role play toy also had such a feature, but when it comes to toys, it can be hard to tell if is a feature from the screen or there for added play value. Now it looks like we can see the Inquisitor has some pretty sweet saber spins like Uncle Grievous. Pretty cool and I can’t wait to see this character in action.

Also, have you read Elaine’s delightful piece on the Inquisitor?


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