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Timothy Zahn on Star Wars Legends and his future with Star Wars.

Jedi News pointed us towards Timothy Zahn’s Facebook page where he commented on Star Wars Legends and his future as a Star Wars author:

Having now had a few days to process the news from LFL, a few thoughts:

First, since many of you are wondering, I have *not* yet been asked to write any new Star Wars books. But that doesn’t mean I won’t receive such an invitation in the future. If that happens, whether or not I accept will depend on what kind of story I’m asked to write, what input I’d have on the content, what era the story will be set in, etc. I would certainly *like* to return to the GFFA, but at the moment that’s not my decision to make.

Second, as far as I can tell from the announcement, LFL is *not* erasing the EU, but simply making it clear that nothing there is official canon. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor does it immediately send everything into alternate-universe status. If nothing from the Thrawn Trilogy, say, is used in future movies (and if there’s nothing in the movies that contradicts it), then we can reasonably continue to assume that those events *did* happen. It looks to me like the “Legends” banner is going to be used mainly to distinguish Story-Group-Approved canon books from those that aren’t officially canon but might still exist.

Third, even if something from the Thrawn Trilogy *does* show up in a movie in a different form, we authors are masters of spackle, back-fill, and hand-waving. For example, if Ghent appears in the movies but never mentions Thrawn, I can argue that he simply doesn’t want to talk about that era, or else has completely forgotten about it. (Which for Ghent isn’t really much of a stretch.)

Finally, there’s nothing inherently demeaning in the term “Legends.” Think back (a little farther…a little farther) to Disney’s 1950s “Davy Crockett” TV series, (a show I grew up with) which presented stories and legends about the King of the Wild Frontier. Historians have Crockett’s genuine history, but there’s nothing that says these TV adventures *didn’t* happen, right? So until and unless the legend puts Davy in Tennessee at the same time the real history puts him in Virginia, we can still believe those adventures happened. That’s how I expect it to be with the “real” Star Wars history versus the “legendary” adventures of the EU.

Bottom line: let’s all sit back and relax and see what new adventures are offered to us, both in new books and new movies. It’ll be Star Wars, and that’s what counts.

There have been persistent rumors that Timothy Zahn is writing the sequel trilogy novels. We have heard it many times. If memory serves correct, he even shot it down at Club Jade a few months back. Hopefully this squashes the resurgence of that rumor until it has some legs at least.

I think Zahn is probably the most famous of Star Wars authors out there. So I’m glad to hear his take on things and I’m glad he made it clear he hasn’t spoken to anyone about writing new Star Wars books.

My take on all this? When I was a kid, Marvel Comics was my Star Wars outside the films. When I was ten or eleven, Heir to the Empire and Dark Empire squashed that for the most part. It didn’t matter though. It was more Star Wars. It was good Star Wars. Let it go and see what happens. Those documents still exist. Just because they aren’t making ten films in ten years that interface with those books is irrelevant to my enjoyment of said fiction over the last thirty years.


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