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Video: Simon Kinberg discusses Star Wars spin-offs and the Expanded Universe!

IGN chatted with Simon Kinberg. Kinberg declares Star Wars Episodes I-VI as canon. That isn’t new to those of us paying attention. We know for a fact Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels also fit into that category as canon. Kinberg says that the EU is not off limits. That appears juicy depending on how you look at it, especially depending on the era. If there’s a space station out there five years before A New Hope, the cast of Star Wars Rebels might visit it. We’ve heard that Pablo Hildalgo drops all kinds of EU connections into the show and the crew appreciates his knowledge. Greg Weisman has often marveled at Hildalgo’s encyclopedic knowledge of the EU. So we know it has come into the canon as of right now.

I don’t think he’s implying the Waru movie is on the way.

Post-Return of the Jedi, is probably a different story in a lot of ways. It is probably safe to say the vast majority of the Expanded Universe set before Return of the Jedi is perfectly safe and fine. It could easily be picked up and dropped into a film. If it is conflicting with Episodes I-VI or The Clone Wars and Rebels, it probably isn’t on the table or part of the EU’s main continuity that’s up for grabs. But we’re still waiting to find out the status of the Expanded Universe as we know it.

It is the content after Return of the Jedi that probably faces the possibility of being pushed into the realm of the dreaded “alternate universe,” if you will. If Luke never has a kid in the films, Ben Skywalker doesn’t really exist as the son of Skywalker and would need to be redefined as his Padawan or something needing a lot of reworking. At that point, why bother? I’m not here to make value judgements on the Expanded Universe some love and some hate. I’m just stating that it could be a logistical nightmare to make a lot of that stuff work on screen without changing it, especially if it is in conflicts with the filmed saga.

Kinberg dodges the Boba Fett question pretty well but doesn’t seem to deny it or scoff at the notion. However, nearly all the credible rumors so far state Kasdan is writing the Boba Fett film, not Kinberg. The presumption then falls on the idea Kinberg was prepping Star Wars Rebels and The Young Han Solo Chronicles (a title I just made up but a young Han Solo film none the less).

I’m still anxiously awaiting news on the what the spin-off will be and if we’re still getting it in 2016…

(via Star Wars 7 News)


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